Defy Chance is my MFA thesis and was completed in Spring, 2019. It represents a community-fueled movement to fight against casino development. The goal of Defy Chance is to directly attack the myth that governments should boost casino development to help their economies.

While many people see casino gambling as a form of carefree entertainment, the reality is that casinos can have devastating and long-lasting negative effects on the towns in which they are located and the people who frequent them.

Defy Chance offers a series of deliverables that help educate about and fight against casino development. Please visit the websites for more information:

Defy Chance website

Defy Chance process blog

Click here to view or download a PDF of the Defy Chance thesis book.

Click here to view the Defy Chance Thesis video.


Defy Chance has also created three videos that feature interviews with people who have been affected by casinos and gambling. You can view these videos at the links below:

Defy Chance Video 1: Ron Sampson discusses the ways in which casinos use tactics to take advantage of people with low incomes and get people addicted to gambling.

Defy Chance Video 2: Nicole Thomas describes making a lifestyle change in order to avoid the ongoing allure of a local casino.

Defy Chance Video 3: Jerome McGriff delivers shocking statistics about how his own gambling addiction affected his bottom line.

Defy Chance Motion Graphics Video: This set of three short motion graphics represents how a user might hypothetically infiltrate a casino’s video system to show negative gambling statistics and direct people to Defy Chance’s website.